When called, this middleware renders an error page. By default if an HTML response is expected it will render static error pages from the /public directory. For example when this middleware receives a 500 response it will render the template found in /public/500.html. If an internationalized locale is set, this middleware will attempt to render the template in /public/500.<locale>.html. If an internationalized template is not found it will fall back on /public/500.html.

When a request with a content type other than HTML is made, this middleware will attempt to convert error information into the appropriate response type.



[RW] public_path

Class Public methods


# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/public_exceptions.rb, line 17
def initialize(public_path)
  @public_path = public_path

Instance Public methods


# File actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/middleware/public_exceptions.rb, line 21
def call(env)
  request      = ActionDispatch::Request.new(env)
  status       = request.path_info[1..-1].to_i
  content_type = request.formats.first
  body         = { status: status, error: Rack::Utils::HTTP_STATUS_CODES.fetch(status, Rack::Utils::HTTP_STATUS_CODES[500]) }

  render(status, content_type, body)